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Dry Carpet Cleaning in Perth

Carpets trap dirt, dust, and other particles that make the fibres dirty and attract more dirt over time. Vacuuming helps but does not lift deep-seated dirt like professional cleaners can. Traditional steam cleaners soak carpeting with water, so they take a long time to dry. This allows mould to grow. Professional dry carpet cleaning offers an efficient fast-drying solution.

Our dry carpet cleaners lift stains and dirt without too much water. By minimising moisture, carpeted floors are cleaned and dried in just a few hours instead of days. Quick dry times are critical to avoid mould, mildew and bacterial growth in the backing or padding.

We apply specialised cleaning solutions made from safe, non-toxic ingredients that penetrate deep into carpet fibres, and latch onto dirt, grease and grime. Our rinse extractors rinse away the cleansing agents, pulling locked-in dirt out with them, and leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

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What is dry carpet cleaning?

Carpet dry cleaning is an innovative low-moisture method. It uses specialised equipment and green-certified solutions to deep clean carpets without too much water. The process involves applying a pH-balanced cleaning solution that contains activated carbonation to break down dirt and stains.

A rotary brush works the bubbling solution deep into the fibres to lift grime to the surface. An absorbent pad then extracts the dirt without needing to rinse. This method provides a deeper clean down into the fibres while using 80% less water than steam cleaning methods. Powerful air movers and fans accelerate drying time.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

This deep cleaning method uses a small amount of water. It lifts stubborn stains, dirt, and allergens from deep in the fibres using special detergents. The low moisture avoids long dry times, so you can resume using your floors faster. This prevents mould and mildew growth.

Dry cleaning does not cause shrinkage or damage and has little residue. Other benefits include keeping carpets bright and colours vibrant and removing stains and allergens. This process is also safe for kids and pets. A dry clean is highly recommended for rush cleaning jobs.

Our Cleaning Process

Dry Cleaned Carpets Advantage

  • Pre-vacuuming – Powerful vacuum removes surface debris and dirt
  • Pre-treating – Targeted stain removers are applied to heavily soiled areas
  • Agitation – Specialized equipment scrubs and lifts dirt from fibres
  • Low-moisture – Detergent solution dissolves dirt and spots
  • Extraction – Powerful vacuum removes cleansing agents and loosened grime
  • Grooming – Carpets are raked to restore pile and appearance
  • Spot checking – Any remaining spots or smudges are touched up
  • Quick drying – Carpets are walkable within 1-2 hours

Cost of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • $30-$50 per room
  • $120-$150 for a 3-bedroom home

Our Services

  • Carpets – Tile carpeting, wool, nylon, stain guards
  • Rugs – Oriental, flokati shag, wool area rugs
  • Upholstery – Leather couches, fabric armchairs, dining chairs
  • Mattresses – Box spring mattresses, pillowtop mattresses
  • Auto Interiors – Car carpeting and mats, leather seat
  • Pet Beds – Machine washable beds, raised cots

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  • Upfront Pricing
  • 100% Commitment to Quality

Service Locations

We service all areas in the Perth Metro region including:

  • Northern Suburbs
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Inner City Suburbs

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