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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Perth

Do you see dirty grout lines or stains on tiled floors? Have you tried scrubbing and cleaning them yourself with no luck? The problem is caused by the porous nature of tile grout. Spills, dirt, and moisture seep into the tiny pores. This leads to unsightly staining and discolouration that is difficult to remove. Trapped moisture also breeds mould, mildew and bacteria that can threaten your family’s health. Fortunately, a professional tile and grout cleaning service can safely and effectively erase years of buildup.

We use specialised tile cleaners and powerful truck-mounted steam units to deep-clean tiled surfaces. Our technicians apply cleansing solutions designed to break down oily residues, soap scum, hard water deposits, and other gunk. A high-powered vacuum sucks them out from deep inside the grout pores before the floors are sealed to prevent future staining. After one appointment, the grout and tile look fresh, clean and bright again.

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Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection – Thoroughly check for any cracks, chips or areas needing special attention. We take note of the tile and grout materials.
  2. Prepare Area – Clear furniture and items off the treatment area and protect delicate surfaces with drop cloths.
  3. Pretreat Stains – Apply a paste or solution to break up stubborn stains and grime before extraction.
  4. Steam Clean – Use a powerful truck-mounted unit to blast high-temp steam onto tiled surfaces, removing debris.
  5. Extract Dirt – Powerful vacuums immediately remove all loosened dirt and residues.
  6. Scrub Grout – Use special brushes and scrubbers to meticulously clean grout lines and corners.
  7. Final Rinse – We do a last rinse to eliminate any remaining residues. This ensures no disinfectant solution is left.
  8. Seal Grout (optional) – Seal grout lines so they resist future stains and simplify upkeep.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of tile cleaning services:

  • Floor and Wall
  • Grout Steam Cleaning
  • Grout Sealing and Waterproofing
  • Restoration and Repairs
  • Tile and Grout Color Sealing
  • Grout Haze Removal and Recolouring
  • Porcelain Wax Removal
  • Silicon Caulking Replacement
  • Grout Repairs and Re-grouting

Types of Surfaces We Professionally Clean


  • Bathroom and Shower Walls and Floors
  • Kitchen Backsplashes and Countertops
  • Entryways and Foyers
  • Laundry Room Floors and Walls
  • Outdoor Patios, Pool Areas


  • Office Building Lobbies and Restrooms
  • Restaurant Kitchens
  • Retail Store Floors and Restrooms
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facility Walls and Floors
  • School and University Hallways and Cafeterias

Cost of Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions

Minimum Call-Out Fee: $99.

This covers travel and basic service fees.


  • Small area (less than 30 sqm) – $99 to $250
  • Medium area (30 to 60 sqm) – $250 to $400
  • Large area (over 60 sqm) – $400 to $700+
  • Outdoor Pool Area: $499-$699


  • Small office/shop (up to 100 sqm) – $250 – $600
  • Large office/shop (over 100 sqm) – $600 – $1200+

Larger jobs are quoted based on on-site evaluation. Highly stained or neglected tiled floors may incur additional pre-treatment fees. Grout sealing and colour sealing are add-on services.

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What is Tile Sealing?

Grout & Tile Cleaning Services

Tile sealing protects the surface of your tiles by creating an invisible barrier. This prevents stains, dirt, and liquids from being absorbed into porous materials like natural stone, terra cotta, and some ceramic tiles. Without a seal, tiled floors are more vulnerable to damage from spills, soap scum, hard water, and acidic substances. Sealing locks out these hazards to maintain colour and finish. It also makes clean-up and maintenance much easier.

What is Tile Stripping?

Over time, old layers of wax, sealant and finishes can build up on tile surfaces. This creates a hazy, lacklustre appearance. Tile stripping removes these coatings completely down to the original. It not only restores tiled areas but also prepares them for fresh sealing or finishing. Stripping removes embedded grease, dirt and grime that routine washing can’t touch.

Here are sections on why choose us, service locations, and a call to action:

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ Years of experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Quality results
  • Efficient service
  • Family-owned local business
  • 24/7 Flexible booking
  • 100% Customer satisfaction

Service Locations

We proudly serve residential and commercial customers across Perth metro including:

  • Northern Suburbs – Joondalup, Wanneroo, Stirling, Perth, Vincent
  • Eastern Suburbs – Belmont, Kalamunda, Mundaring, Swan
  • Southern Suburbs – Canning, Gosnells, Armadale, Serpentine
  • Western Suburbs – Subiaco, Claremont, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove

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