Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important

8 Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Furniture Upholstery

Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important

Is your living room looking dull? Are there weird stains on your favourite armchair? Furniture can get dirty, smelly, and covered in germs over time. But don’t replace the couch just yet! Regular upholstery cleaning can make your furnishings look new again. It comes with some unexpected health benefits too.

Here’s the truth: vacuuming alone just won’t cut it for true upholstery cleaning. While it picks up some surface-level dirt, grime builds up deep in the fibres over time. And that means:

  • Dust mites hiding out
  • Allergens building up
  • Unpleasant odours sticking around

To really refresh upholstery and get it clean, a periodic deep clean from the experts is a must.

1. Breathe Easier with Cleaner Air

Dust mites, pet dander, mould–upholstery is a magnet for stuff that makes allergies worse. Vacuuming helps a little, but it doesn’t get deep down into the fibres. Steam cleaning services can remove dust and allergens completely. With regular cleaning, you can make the air in your home much cleaner.

Fewer allergens mean less sneezing, congestion, and breathing issues. For people with allergies or asthma, clean upholstery means better indoor air quality. Just like how carpet cleaning helps with allergies, clean furniture also makes a big difference in comfort and health.

2. Get Rid of Bad Smells

Spilled wine, pet odours, musty smells. All these stick to upholstery for years. Spraying perfumes only covers up smells temporarily. The source of the odour is still there.

Professional cleaning pulls smudges and smells out from deep in the fibres. Hot water extraction removes unpleasant smells at the source. Special treatments can totally neutralise stubborn stench, leaving the couch and sofa fresh and odour-free.

3. Kill Harmful Germs

Spills, dirt and oils let germs like bacteria and mould grow in upholstery. Busy areas like family room sofas collect the most germs.

Upholstery cleaning solutions kill harmful microbes. Hot water flushes out the dirt and fluids the germs need to live. Disinfecting furniture stops the spread of illnesses.

4. Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Dirt, stains, and oils break down upholstery fabrics over time. Your chair and lounge start to look dingy and worn out. Upho removes the buildup, making furniture look new again and last longer.

Regular upholstery cleaning service also prevents permanent blemishes and marks. The longer a spill sits, the harder it is to remove. A quick clean stops stains before they set and cause damage.

5. Improve Appearance

The Beauty of Professionally Cleaned Upholstery

A thorough clean can make upholstered furniture look brand new. Like magic, ugly spots disappear, and dingy fabrics turn bright again. Sanitising leaves upholstery cleaner than ever.

You’ll be amazed at how expert care makes sofas, rugs, and other items look like new. It extends their life and makes your home look clean and inviting.

6. Mattress Cleaning for Allergy Relief

Mattresses collect dust mites, skin flakes, and other allergens that can trigger reactions during sleep. Professional mattress cleaning removes these asthma and allergy triggers from the surface and deep inside the mattress. This allows for a healthier, more restful sleep.

7. Impress Guests and Increase Home Value

Dirty, worn furniture detracts from your home’s value. Professionally cleaned upholstery makes rooms look clean, updated, and welcoming. Little improvements like this can significantly boost your home’s resale value. Clean furnishings also impress guests and make your house shine.

8. Upgrade Your Rental Property

Tenants can be tough on upholstery. Refresh rental units by having carpets, sofas, and mattresses professionally cleaned before new tenants move in. A thorough clean removes the previous tenant’s dirt and odours, improving living conditions. Make your rental more desirable with clean, sanitised soft furnishings.

DIY Cleaning Has Limits

You can tackle some stains at home with basic tools. However, DIY has limitations:

  • DIY can only clean the surface, not deep clean the whole piece. Professionals use powerful truck-mounted steam cleaners that wash and dry all the fibres completely.
  • Rental cleaners aren’t as strong as professional ones. Their reach is limited, often missing parts that are hard to reach. Machines don’t get hot enough to kill germs.
  • Without the right products and skills, DIYers risk using the wrong chemicals. This can set stains permanently. Harsh cleaners can ruin delicate fabrics.
  • DIY is a ton of work. Moving machines, hoses, and furniture is hard labour. Professionals have special tools, solutions and techniques that make cleaning much easier.

For a deep clean, it’s best to call the experts. Their results are much better. They’ll also do all the tough work for you. Protect your furniture investments. Hire professional cleaners every 1-2 years.


Don’t put up with dirty, unhealthy upholstery! Professional steam cleaning and disinfecting can provide huge benefits. Breathe easier, eliminate odours, kill germs, and make furniture look brand new. Professional upholstery cleaners offer benefits. Call the pros and schedule a deep clean for your home furnishings today.