At Wow Carpet Cleaning Perth, we cherish our customers. Their glowing reviews and feedback motivate us to provide the best possible service.

Take a look at just a handful of the fantastic reviews we’ve received. Want top join the list? Go ahead a call us on 08 6800 8044 or contact our team directly from our home-page.

“The carpets look amazing! I can’t believe the difference Wow Carpet Cleaning made in our living room and bedrooms. It looks freshly installed. Money well spent.”

  • Jane, East Perth

“I was amazed at how thorough the carpet cleaners were. They took their time and made sure to get all the high-traffic areas that needed extra attention. Our carpets haven’t looked this clean in years!”

  • Mark, Burswood

“I have two dogs and struggle keeping up with all the pet stains and smells in my carpets. Wow Carpet Cleaning did an incredible job removing all traces of odors and stains. It looks and smells like new carpeting now!”

  • Amanda, South Perth

“Our rental property was in desperate need of carpet cleaning before the new tenants moved in. Wow Carpet Cleaning made them look bright, fresh and spotless in no time. Great service and excellent results.”

  • Paul, Victoria Park

“I can tell they really know what they’re doing. The carpet cleaners took time inspecting and pre-treating stains before deep cleaning. They explained everything they were doing and took great care with my home. I highly recommend them!”

  • Olivia, Como

“They somehow managed to get out some really tough stains that other cleaners couldn’t touch. Plus very friendly staff, fair pricing and great results. What more can you ask for?”

  • James, Nedlands

“I’ve used quite a few carpet cleaning companies over the years, but this is by far the best experience I’ve had. My carpets look absolutely immaculate and the cleaners were so professional and personable. I won’t call anyone else from now on!”

  • Courtney, South Perth

“We just had new carpet installed last month and my kids had already managed to stain it. I cringed at the idea of replacing brand new carpet! But Wow Carpet Cleaning made them look as good as new again. Top notch service.”

  • Sarah, Victoria Park

“I was able to book a same day appointment when I discovered a large pet stain in my living room right before hosting guests. They arrived on time and you can’t even tell where the stain was. Lifesavers!”

  • Matt, East Perth

“They somehow managed to remove multiple red wine stains from my cream color carpet that I was certain would be permanent. It looks flawless now, I can hardly tell where the stains were. So glad I called them.”

  • Lauren, South Perth

“Wow Carpet Cleaning was able to come out after hours on a weekend to clean up a mess left from my son’s birthday party. They really saved me having to look at stains and sticky carpet for days. Much appreciated!”

  • Michelle, Victoria Park

“I was embarrassed at how dirty my carpets were after years with no professional cleaning. I figured it was hopeless. But Wow Carpet Cleaning made them look bright, fluffy and brand new again! Money well spent.”

  • Daniel, Como

“After a sewage backup, I was worried my carpets were ruined for good. But these guys worked wonders and removed all the germs, smells and stains. They really helped during a stressful situation. 5 stars!”

  • Richard, South Perth

“I have light colored carpets that show every speck of dirt. I used to have to vacuum multiple times a week but now after a thorough cleaning from Wow I can go longer between vacuuming. It looks so fresh and clean!”

  • Emma, Victoria Park

“Wow Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning the carpets at our office. They were very professional, efficient, and the carpets look incredible now. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for great commercial carpet cleaning services.”

  • Thomas, West Perth

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